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Octcet Inc

Contract Category: Fuel and Lubricants

Contract Number: 15/001MP-03

Contract Terms:

Initial Award Date: December 16, 2014
1st Renewal Start Date: December 16, 2015 
2nd Renewal Start Date: December 16, 2016 
3rd Renewal Start Date: December 16, 2017 
Current Expiration Date: December 15, 2018
Renewal Options Remaining: 0

CP Contract Manager:

Michael Robles

Contract Partner: Octcet Inc

Octcet Inc

Contract Partner Web Site:

Approved Market Area: National


Fuel Additive

HUB Status: No

MWBE Status: No

SBE Status: No


OCTCET35 is an unique fuel additive suitable for on-road, off-road and non-road diesel engines and applications. It includes trucks, buses, generators, marine vessels, drilling rigs, trains, construction vehicles and equipment, tractors and any vehicle that uses diesel. OCTCET35 contains 35% oxygen and delivers oxygen at the moment of combustion and enriches the oxygen environment in the combustion chamber.

OCTCET35 is a an oxygenated mobile liquid, consisting of a technical pure proprietary blend of organic intermediates to be used in diesel as a fuel saver, injector nozzle cleaner, cetane improver, surface tension reducer and bactericide. OCTCET35 ensures complete combustion, a cleaner burn, improves power and performance, prolongs the engine life, reduces maintenance cost and harmful emissions.

REDUCES AND DECREASES: - Fuel consumption up to 20% in marine vessels, trucks and buses - Fuel consumption up to 30% in generators - Carbon build up and cleans the fuel injector nozzles - Total Hydro Carbons by 23% - Carbon Monoxide by 18% - Nitrogen Oxide by 10% - Maintenance cost - Black smoke - Engine noise - Ignition delay time - Surface tension and friction - Bacterial growth and corrosion. IMPROVES AND INCREASES: - Cetane level - Complete combustion - Cleaner burn - Oil quality - Performance - Engine life - Oxygen in combustion chamber - Lubricity - Fuel stability - Air quality

OCTCET35: A UNIQUE ADDITIVE Unique chemistry was applied to ensure an organometallic free product with multiple characteristics, especially the ability to save fuel and reduce emissions substantially, was completed in 2010 and the application was branded as OCTCET35 (A registered trademark). OCTCET35 has sound scientific and empirical evidence as substantiated by various international accredited testing facilities and labs which performed verification tests according to scientific principles and in accordance with EPA requirements and international ISO Standards. Various practical on-road, off-road and non-road fuel efficiency tests in various environments and applications were successfully performed resulting in substantial fuel savings ranging between 12% and 30%.

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