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LVC Technologies LLC

Contract Category: Fire, Safety, Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services (JOC/IDIQ)

Contract Number: 16/040CG-06

Contract Terms:

Initial Award Date: June 21, 2016
Current Expiration Date: June 20, 2018
Renewal Options Remaining: 0

CP Contract Manager:

Michael Robles

Contract Partner: LVC Technologies LLC

LVC Technologies LLC

Contract Partner Web Site:

Approved Market Area:


Fire Alarm Equipment and Installation

HUB Status: No

MWBE Status: No

SBE Status: No


LVC Technologies supplies fire protection products to buildings in schools and other government entities. This Texas-based company is focused on providing safety and security solutions that are low-cost and of high quality. As the first independent Simplex fire alarm distributor in the United States, LVC takes advantage of Simplex's superior features to reduce costs in the construction process and on-going maintenance and inspections. With more than 63,000 smoke detectors installed in locations in the U.S., Simplex is the most advanced fire protection system in the industry. LVC provides the Houston market with Simplex systems and currently has installations in hospitals, commercial offices, schools, hotels and multi-family installations.

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