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Liberty Office Products

Contract Category: Technology Supplies and Related Items

Contract Number: 17/012KH-04

Contract Terms:

Initial Award Date: April 1, 2017
Current Expiration Date: March 31, 2018
Renewals Remaining: 0

CP Contract Manager:

Kristi Dion

Contract Partner: Liberty Office Products

Liberty Office Products

Contract Partner Web Site:

Approved Market Area:


Technology Supplies and Related Items

HUB Status: No

MWBE Status: No

SBE Status: No


Liberty Office Products is so excited to be a part of this great organization. We look forward to introducing YOU to The World Capital of Promise Fulfillment… AKA Liberty Office Products.

Why is Liberty the World Capital of Promise Fulfillment?

Ever since our founding in 1985, our customers have given us invaluable feedback. Regarding service, they have told us exactly what they need and want. They have shared what makes their job stressful and sometimes painful. They have also advised us on what really makes them happy.

Liberty responded by developing a set of TEN PROMISES. Our goal is to deliver these promises without fail, every day, on every call, with every order, to the people most important to Liberty—YOU. Our entire organization is set up to expedite delivery on our promises.

From the top: The CEO’s title is President and C.P.E., Chief Promise Enforcer.

To the Broad Organization: We have one division, the Promise Fulfillment Department

To the Front Line: We don’t have account managers, we have Promise Fulfillment Specialists.

This nomenclature laser-focuses all Liberty employees on what truly makes a difference to you, our honored customers.

Here are our TEN PROMISES:

  1. We save you money.
  2. We save you time.
  3. We get it done.
  4. We do it quick.
  5. We do what we say.
  6. We fix problems fast.
  7. Stocked items are shipped next day or same day if necessary.
  8. Returns are always easy.
  9. We make you feel confident, happy and relieved.
  10. Our people are always available, helpful and friendly.

Now, if we ever slip-up in our promise fulfillment, please call Liberty’s C.P.E., that’s me. Assuring promise delivery is my main job.

Saving your world, one promise at a time,

Sam Young

President & C.P.E.

800-460-8900 x181

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