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GroundFORCE Building Systems

Contract Category: Modular Buildings (JOC-IDIQ)

Contract Number: 13/050PB-01

Contract Terms:

Initial Award Date: June 18, 2013
1st Renewal Start Date: June 18, 2014 
2nd Renewal Start Date: June 18, 2015 
3rd Renewal Start Date: June 18, 2016 
4th Renewal Start Date: June 18, 2017 
Current Expiration Date: June 17, 2018
Renewal Options Remaining: 0

CP Contract Manager:

Joann Nichols

Contract Partner: GroundFORCE Building Systems

GroundFORCE Building Systems

Contract Partner Web Site:

Approved Market Area: TX


Modular Buildings

HUB Status: No

MWBE Status: No

SBE Status: No


About GroundFORCE Building Systems

GroundFORCE Building Systems has developed a patented new construction technology � the first movable engineered slab building that is produced in a factory setting and delivered to the site, then set in place without the use of cranes. Each building is designed and quality built using the GroundFORCE patented construction technology that begins with a tensioned, engineered solid concrete foundation and ends with occupancy in 125 days. In our quality controlled construction facility, a team of seasoned craftsmen with an eye for detail use quality materials to assure that each building will withstand the test of time. Once the structure is built, each component is transported to the site on a patented, air-ride transport system. This unique system prevents damage during transport, which allows more finish work to be done in our factory. So, when it arrives on site it is ready for use in a short time. And unlike other construction methods, our buildings do not require the use of expensive cranes for set-up while keeping site work to a minimum.

Less Campus Interruptions

After all the building sections arrive on site they are positioned on drilled piers and set in place. Our unique delivery system is designed to move each building section to within exacting tolerances with minimal interruption and damage to your site. Since all exterior and interior equipment and finishes are installed before the building arrives on campus, all that is left is the utilities connection and a thorough systems test. We�ve designed this patented system to be �plug and play." GroundFORCE buildings are safe, conducive learning environments. Each energy efficient building is constructed with student and faculty comfort in mind.

Once you select from our wide variety of elevations and floor plans and place an order, we provide you with final pricing. We also can help complete and quantify the site design work. There are currently nine pre-priced floor plans available through Choice Facility Partners.

Schedule a site visit with one of our company representatives to walk your site and understand your needs. Whether it�s a single classroom or a full campus wing, we have the plan to fit your budget. We can even present various financing and lease options provided by one of our partner companies, such as GE Capital.

GroundFORCE Building Systems delivers a unique solution for modular and site-built construction without any of the disadvantages.�

About Our Manufacturing Facility

GroundFORCE Construction LLC, located in Navasota, Texas, is a 250,000 sq.ft. facility and is the first manufacturing plant licensed to build educational, commercial and residential structures using the patented GroundFORCE construction technology.

The GroundFORCE Construction LLC mission is to build to the highest standards possible. Our core values�honoring relationships, integrity and trustworthiness, excellence and commitment guide us in the way we run our business� � we expect nothing less of ourselves and offer nothing less to our customers. We commit to customer�s satisfaction by building a safe and secure product using nothing but superior materials and expert craftsmanship.

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