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Creative Learning Systems

Contract Category: Applied Technology Learning Laboratories

Contract Number: 19/070MJ-01

Contract Terms:

Initial Award Date: October 16, 2019
1st Renewal Start Date: October 16, 2020 
2nd Renewal Start Date: October 16, 2021 
3rd Renewal Start Date: October 16, 2022 
Current Expiration Date: October 15, 2023
Renewal Options Remaining: 0

CP Contract Manager:

Tami Cyrus

Contract Partner: Creative Learning Systems

Creative Learning Systems

Contract Partner Web Site:

Approved Market Area: National


Applied Technology Labs

HUB Status: No

MWBE Status: No

SBE Status: No


Creative Learning Systems designs student-centered transformational and engaging project-based learning opportunities with a STE(A)M foundation for K12We offer a wide range of experiencesfrom fully loaded labs and digital media/communication arts programs to distance learning optionsall of which promote unique learning opportunities that have students investigating, researching, creating, and collaborating. 


Since creating one of the first interactive technology labs in 1987, Creative Learning Systems has been a pioneer of project-based learning that engages students and ignites their curiosity. With our framework, we build an iterative culture where students explore, plan, do, reflect, and shareWhile the challenges and cutting-edge technology behind our learning solutions are ever evolving, our educational philosophy remains constant: 

  • Effective project-based learning with a STE(A)M foundation is an integrated, transdisciplinary approach that builds connections to fine arts, language arts, and social studies. 
  • Educational programs must address the needs of a wide range of abilities, learning styles, and personal interests. 
  • Voice and choice empower students to shape their own learning experiences through personalized learning that is differentiated and relevant to the interests of all learners 
  • College and career readiness skills such as real-world problem solvingcreativity, analytical thinkingcollaborationcommunication, and accountability are an integral part of the educational experience. 
  • All students should be in an environment that provides opportunities for social and emotional growth to facilitate their ability to adaptnavigate, and achieve established goals 
  • Technology is an integral part of students’ learning and living. Students should have the opportunity to actively practice and develop these skills within their learning environment.  
  • Authentic assessment via student presentations to their peers and e-portfolios establishes evidence that they can apply and effectively communicate what they have learned.  

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