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Current News

Transparency in energy purchase is keystone of new program

 Bringing service and transparency to governmental entities, Choice Facility Partners now offers a new way for local governments to secure an electricity contract for their jurisdiction. The new CFP Energy Purchasing Program offers a contract with Reliant Energy to members in Texas and, for entities in deregulated states beyond Texas, a contract with Suez. This program is unique due to the combination of the public procurement process qualifying the retail electric provider, plus the wholesale market pricing and metrics provided by the program coordinator, Tradition Energy, which will allow governmental entities to know whether or not the pricing is competitive and appropriate.

Retail electric providers are found in other cooperative purchasing programs, but those programs do not have the ability to show what is happening on the wholesale market side. Entities that choose to use the Choice Facility Partners energy purchasing program will know all energy factors, from validation of the pricing to how competitive that price is in light of the wholesale and retail market indicators.School districts, educational entities, cities, counties and other governmental organizations will work through the process coordinated by Tradition Energy to access the contracts for energy awarded to Reliant and Suez.

Tradition Energy is one of the world’s largest energy procurement advisory firms and in the top four for megawatt hours under management. Tradition Energy’s wholesale energy brokerage service gives managers full access to wholesale energy market indicators, which will allow them to provide additional insights and ensure energy rate competitiveness.

“This is true transparency and efficiency rolled into one procurement service,” said Dean Zajicek, director, Choice Facility Partners. “This fits very well with our contract offerings, where we are providing additional facets of service through our legal, competitively-bid contracts.”

This program structure will give governmental entities a lot more leverage in pricing, according to Bob Wooten, director of strategic solutions, Tradition Energy, which will be valued by taxpayers and stewards of public funds. “The information we will be able to give to governing bodies will be very helpful,” said Wooten. “They will be very appreciative to see where the market is, which will let them know if they are making the best decisions possible.”

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Choice Facility Partners specializes in facility needs from the tap up through the roof, including Construction and Construction Services; Energy Conservation and Management; Furnishing, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE); Disaster Recovery and Restoration; Building Exterior and Grounds; and Building Infrastructure. Contracts are competitively pre-bid so governmental entities can access quality services immediately, saving time and money on the bidding process.

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