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Current News

Students begin school year in new classrooms

[Sweet Home, TX - Aug.24, 2009] Students and their parents toured a new facility on Saturday that was just added to Sweet Home School, providing three state-of-the-art classrooms. The addition was completed this summer by GroundFORCE Building Systems, through a Choice Facility Partners contract.

Although this building arrived on a unique carrying system pulled by a transfer truck and was installed on site, don’t be confused into thinking that this looks like a temporary structure. It has a tensioned, engineered concrete foundation, and matches other buildings on the campus. It has the same exterior siding and appearance, matching pitch metal roofs, color and trim, and each classroom has the same design in window placement, outside door openings and covered porch.

Superintendent Randy Meyer wanted to avoid the temptation to roll in a building that looked like an unplanned extension.

“Let’s build something that’s permanent that we will be proud of for years to come,” said Meyer. “It looks like it’s supposed to be here.”

It cost just over $330,000 and was completed in four months, from board approval to completion.

The high-tech building with wiring for internet, smart boards, ceiling projectors and audio visual equipment in each of the three 1,000 sq. ft. classrooms was “a good investment for the community,” according to Superintendent Meyer.

“This was a better product for our money – and we got more for our money”, said Meyer, including such amenities as recessed canister lighting in addition to florescent lighting. “We were able to customize anything we wanted. We wanted certain types of cubbies, teacher workspace and they were able to accommodate all of that.”

“Working with GroundFORCE has been a great experience – they kept me informed every step along the way,” said Meyer. “They were fantastic.”

Sweet Home ISD is a kindergarten through grade eight school located in Lavaca County between Hallettsville and Yoakum, southwest of Houston.

HCDE Science Lab
Ground FORCE also recently completed a 2,500 sq. ft. facility science lab and lecture room which is being used as a teaching tool for science teachers by Harris County Department of Education. Ground FORCE worked with one of their strategic partners for the installation of the science furniture and equipment for the eye wash shower, fume hood, and four-person work stations.

The building was placed on a parking lot across the street from the headquarters building, after a section of the asphalt was sawcut and piers were drilled to support the building. With the unique foundation, exterior finish of stucco above the wainscoating and brick exterior, and the new landscaping, it looks like the building belongs there.

GroundFORCE buildings are pre-built in a quality-controlled environment on an engineered, pre-tensioned concrete slab, then transported to the site using a patented air-ride system. GroundFORCE buildings are long-lasting structures with a 40-year life span.

For more information, contact GroundFORCE Building Systems at or call 512-380-5200.

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Choice Facility Partners specializes in facility needs from the tap up through the roof, including remodeling and renovation, capital program management and software, energy conservation and purchase, building envelope assessment and roofing solutions, maintenance for facilities and elevators, and other specialized technology. Contracts are competitively pre-bid so governmental entities can access quality services immediately, saving time and money on the bidding process.

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