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Prepare for disaster

Posted on June 5, 2015

National news recently focused on Texas, as homes and cars were washed away in the deluge of rain and flooding in May. Although the rain was needed to help ease the drought conditions across the state, it left a path of destruction in at least seven counties. These devastating storms were before hurricane season began June 1.

Don’t get caught unprepared to deal with the unexpected. Develop a plan specifying the steps to take to prepare for disaster, to mitigate the damage, recover facilities and services, and then restore to normal operations as efficiently as possible. There are many online resources and in the Gulf-coast area, one can find hurricane preparedness/disaster recovery workshops that provide a plan outline and assist in identifying critical areas of focus. Choice Partners cooperative is hosting disaster recovery workshops in Houston and east Texas in July with best practices on dealing with disasters.

Then implement the preparedness steps outlined in the plan. This should include
     a. Reaching out to local and federal emergency management authorities to establish a working
         relationship for collaboration and coordination during an emergency;
HCDE Center for Safe and Secure Schools logo
     b. Executing interlocal contracts for
         · mutual aid and cooperation with neighboring districts

         · purchasing with a governmental entity such as Choice Partners
           national cooperative, to ensure that when a disaster hits, you have
           immediate access to the legal contracts you need.

     c. Test the plan and train staff

     d. Evaluate and revise

Now when disaster hits, your previous planning saves you. You have established the steps you will take, connected with emergency management authorities, signed interlocal contracts and practiced what to do when disaster hits. You can immediately swing into action to mitigate the damage and being to recover facilities and services using government cooperative purchasing contracts that are already competitively and legally bid.

For general disaster mitigation, recovery and restoration, Choice Partners has the legal, competitively bid contracts needed.

    · Disaster Recovery and Restoration 

    · HVAC 

    · IDIQ Construction and Trades     

    · Industrial Equipment  

    · Equipment purchase 

    · Janitorial Supplies  

    · Roofing – Building Envelope, Weatherproofing Services  

    · Blue Tarps 

    · Tree Trimming 

    · Waste remova

When hail, high winds, rain and tornados storm through members look to Choice Partners cooperative for mitigation, recovery and restoration.

If your school district is not a member, go to to download the interlocal agreement for your governing board agenda. Once approved, send to HCDE Choice Partners so you can quickly access the contracts you need to recover from a disaster.

Harris County Department of Education                                      HCDE Choice Partners national cooperative

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