Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all cooperative requirements of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200!  

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Member Rebate FAQ as of 1/29/2024

How does the Choice Cash Rebate work? Choice Partners now offers members the opportunity to receive a rebate on their spending through Choice contracts at the end of each fiscal year. Members are encouraged to manually or bulk upload fulfilled purchase orders via our Rebate Portal monthly.  At the fiscal year's conclusion, a check will be sent to you through the Harris County Department of Education, using the address provided on your entity's W9. Please ensure that purchase orders submitted to our portal are fulfilled or completed by your vendor before uploading.

How often should we submit our purchase orders for a rebate? We encourage members to upload purchase orders to our Rebate Portal monthly. Our rebate team diligently reconciles each purchase order submission and consistent monthly reporting can ensure seamless and timely check issuance.

Why can we only submit POs for rebate after they’ve been paid? Choice Cash is only eligible on purchase orders that are fulfilled or completed. If a purchase order is closed at an amount less or more than the total amount, please record the correct amount in the purchase order field when submitted on our Rebate Portal.

When do we upload blanket purchase orders? Blanket purchase orders are eligible for a rebate once they’ve been fulfilled/completed/closed. If a blanket purchase order is closed at an amount less or more than the total amount, please record the correct amount in the purchase order field when submitted on our Rebate Portal.

Can I submit a purchase order for rebate if I don't have an invoice number? Yes, members can submit purchase orders without an invoice number. Providing invoice numbers via manual or bulk upload is optional but encouraged as it can assist with reconciliation by our rebate team and communication to the vendor.

Can I create an ongoing list of purchase orders and upload them incrementally on the Rebate Portal? Each purchase order submission must be unique to avoid any duplicate entries. Our rebate team diligently reconciles each purchase order and duplicate entries can often create timely research for both our rebate team and members alike.

What is the rebate percentage?  Our rebate is currently .25% with a few exceptions including: Commodity Processing of USDA Foods and Apple Inc. contracts.

Is there a maximum that we can earn for any vendor? Choice Partners is not capping any rebate amount at this time. We encourage members to submit $40,000 in purchase order activity at minimum to potentially qualify for rebate.

What vendors are not eligible for rebate? Apple Inc. and Commodity Processing of USDA Foods contracts are exempt from the rebate program.

What vendors are “self-reporting” that I don’t have to submit usage for? Amazon, WEX, TXU, Food, Cafeteria Trades, Beverage related products do not need to be uploaded to the Rebate Portal. A full list of vendors that do not need be reported can be found on our website at

Is there a deadline for submitting a rebate claim?  September 30th, 2024 will be the deadline for rebate submissions for fiscal year 2023-2024. We encourage members to submit monthly reports to ensure seamless and timely check issuance to our members.

How do I upload activity for rebate if I paid with a P-Card? Members can upload P-Card activity to the Rebate Portal using either the bulk upload or manual upload feature. Ensure that in the Purchase Order Number field says "PCARD."

When can I expect to receive my rebate? Rebate checks are generated by Harris County Department of Education Office of Business Services. Checks are mailed during the first quarter of each new calendar year. The approval process for Choice Partners' rebates is overseen by our Business Office each year.

What would make my rebate ineligible? The top two reasons submissions are often ineligible for rebate are 1. The purchase order is not fulfilled or was cancelled and 2. The vendor contests that a Choice Partners contract was utilized.

What happens if my rebate claim is ineligible? If any purchase order is deemed ineligible, our rebate team will promptly notify you via email. The notice will explain the reason and give you options on what to provide to contest it. Typically, our reconciliation team will request remittance details and a purchase order copy to resolve any disputes.