Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200 requirements!

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We recently had Choice Partners in for an introduction training and review of JOC contracts, and the team had a great presentation! So glad we spent the time with Ann Marie, Joann Nichols and Stephen Kendrick – they know their business!

Julie, City of Pearland

“[We are] very satisfied with Choice Partners as a whole, with how they do business and how they treat us. Choice Partners makes our lives that much easier.”

Christopher Kamradt, Spring Branch ISD

“If I can buy it through Choice Partners and not have to get three quotes, that’s better for me. That’s the thing that’s good about Choice Partners.” 

Todd Lane, Irving ISD

"I’ve always appreciated the work that Choice Partners does behind the scenes to make sure contracts are in compliance." 

Jennifer Douglas, Galveston ISD

"We're satisfied with how smooth it's been using co-op purchasing." 

Eric Winkelman, El Paso ISD

“A lot of purchase orders have been able to come in because we’ve already been awarded a contract and that’s what [customers are] looking for. When we say that we’re a Choice Partners contract, then it’s an order immediately for both of us.”

Kim Savage, Teaching Systems, Inc.

“[They] did their homework and were extremely attentive.”

Drew Thurman, Houston ISD

"We had a very good working relationship with [Dura Pier]. We had no reservations about working with a JOC contractor. They accomplished what had to be accomplished during that construction period, which was essential. They understood the nature of the problem and the difficulty, and they worked toward that end."

R. Browlow, cre8 Architects

"I don’t know what we would have done without the contract and the confidence we had with Art+Artisans. They did a wonderful job … very professional.  We didn’t have time to go out for an RFP."

J. Baur, UTMB Interiors Manager

"I like the contractor. At the time this project came up, we did not have time to put it out for bid. This was a fairly old building and so we added some walkways and rails to the platform where the cooling towers were sitting.  It was a matter of timing, by going through Choice Partners, which we do a lot, it allows us to get the project started a little quicker. The co-op was the quickest way to get it done."

D. Morris, Texas State University

"To me the only choice was to do pipebursting. We were looking for a company that could use an existing contract, that had done the job before and had existing experience. It was all done in a professional, timely manner. "

L. Granda, Hallandale Beach, FL

"The Choice Partners contract allowed us some cost savings and quick start with someone who knew how to do the process.  It has worked out well.  The vendor has been great – they’ve been really responsive. We’re in the process of planning another project with them."

L. Higginbotham, City of Garland

 “It’s that kind of quick availability that complies with all the rigorous bidding requirements imposed by state law that makes Choice Partners such a valuable ally for our school district.”

Connie Hill, Pearland ISD

“I have found the Choice Partners staff to be extremely efficient. They work with us on any matters that involve the vendors we use in their program. If there are ever in any issues in the delivery of services, their professionals are right there to help successfully resolve any concerns that develop.” 

Barbara Robillard, Spring Branch ISD

“Working with Choice Partners members has been a rewarding experience.”

Jim Smith, WEX Inc. 

"Just like a good vendor, [Choice Partners] anticipates our needs. They provide information before you know you need it and they help you solve problems."

Joe Rosso, Huffman ISD

“Overall, it’s the best project we’ve ever done in our library."

Jerry Hedgecock, city of Brownsville

"One thing about getting equipment from United Rentals, you know it's been taken care of."

Cory Conner, Sweet Grass County, Mont.