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K12 Alerts Notifications

Posted on February 3, 2014

K12 AlertsEducational institutions have another resource for improving communications and student safety with the new technology contract awarded to K12 Alerts®/Anonymous Alerts® hosted systems now available through Choice Partners.

For communications, K12 Alerts® offers parent and staff notifications via instant voice, email and text, social media or RSS integration, newsletters (templates provided), and customized iPhone and Android apps. The patented system also features automated calls for attendance reporting and low lunch funds.

For bullying reporting and other sensitive student issues, K12 Alerts® has a program called Anonymous Alerts® which offers students and parents the ability to anonymously report suspicious activity, bullying or other sensitive issues before they exacerbate into a tragedy. Students or parents can have a 2-way anonymous dialogue with campus officials. The system is simple and secure for students, parents and campus officials. Students can download mobile phone and tablet apps for free to place reports. The fully hosted system offers campus officials quick receipt of reports via email and text, robust reporting, note taking and more to comply with bullying laws/requirements.

"We’re excited to have a Choice Partners contract so school districts, colleges and universities can more quickly deploy our hosted communications systems. Choice Partners’ leadership team understands our mission of keeping student safe and everyone informed,” said Gregory Bender, president and chief executive officer, K12 Alerts®. “Our Anonymous Alerts system empowers students to discuss sensitive issues without fear of retaliation by their peers, to improve student campus safety.”

For more information, go to or or call 888-291-2090.

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