Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR requirements!

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Food Cooperative

Choice Partners Food and Food Supplies and Equipment
It's never been more crucial to save our members time and money by establishing and negotiating favorable terms and conditions, obtaining competitive best value pricing, documenting cost-savings, tracking vendor performance, leveraging business transactions with vendors, conducting training sessions for members, investigating new products and services, and conducting a Commodity Processing Food Expo along with various food tastings. Click here to view latest video.

This governmental purchasing cooperative offers contracts for the following healthy school foods and products:

  • Bread Products
  • Chemical Products and Services
  • Commodity Processing
  • Dairy Products
  • Food Equipment and Small Wares
  • Food Service Management
  • Food Service Supplies
  • Fresh Produce
  • Frozen Beverages
  • Groceries
  • Ice Cream
  • Site Based Pizza Program

To see all the food contracts, login as a member. Our food contracts provide purchasing solutions for school food service, child nutrition and cafeteria food programs.

For information on how to join, please click on Become A Member. There is no fee to join and members are not required to purchase specific amounts from these food contracts.

Choice Partners complies with state of Texas bid laws. Legal contracts* are competitively procured and may be used by public and charter schools, municipalities, housing authorities, counties, universities, community colleges, education service centers and other government entities, as well as by nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations and private schools. Chapter 791 of the Texas Governmental Code allows a local government to contract with another local government to perform governmental functions and services. There are no fees for members to participate in the HCDE Choice Partners Cooperative and use their awarded contracts.

* HCDE cooperative contracts satisfy purchasing/bidding laws under Texas Education Code Chapter 44, Texas Government Codes 791 and 2267, and federal law 24 CFR 85.36.
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