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Facility Trending

Posted on March 25, 2015

How efficient is your facilities program? Do you have enough custodians, maintenance and grounds personnel to effectively staff your facilities department? How can you prove that? Do you have a benchmark to evaluate efficiencies? Do you have a formula or the experience for staffing that is related to square feet, your desired quality level, student population, building occupancy and age of the facilities? How has your budget changed over the past several years? Where is the bulk of your spending going and can it be justified?

If you do not have the answers to these questions, you may need to do a facility trending analysis. Establishing a benchmark and evaluating the efficiencies of your facilities program will provide data for budgeting, energy reviews and audits, discussions of outsourcing, training and bond planning, Knowing what is working well and what needs attention, is a great management tool. The report includes data that shows progress made over the past few years and estimates for what to expect in the future.

Data Analysis Generates Trends and Projections

While most facilities personnel (maintenance, custodial, grounds, etc.) have a good grasp of the skills required for their jobs, many facility managers are not versed in data collection, efficiency analysis and staffing methodology.  That is where Harris County Department of Education can help by providing facility trending as part of a facilities review.  This trending program is a facilities training tool that is informative, built entirely from your data.  The objective is to develop your facilities staff to understand trends experienced with the facilities budget, staffing, energy, growth and more. A plan of action is developed for areas that require improvement.

“Facility Trending has performed very effective consulting work with me in the past, said Scott McKnight, who was director of facilities at the school district where the work was done. “Facility Trending’s work has helped me reorganize an Operations Department in a large school district, which saved the district a significant amount of money, increased efficiency and improved processes and procedures.  I would recommend Facility Trending for any maintenance and operations consulting work your company or school district needs performed.”

In addition to generating a plan for the facilities program, the Facility Trending analysis and report helps:

     · Identify correlation between district growth/decline and staffing for maintenance, custodial and grounds

     · Establish a proven staffing methodology from analyzing square footage per full-time equivalents,
        facility age, quality standards, student population and building occupancy

     · Assist in providing cost of labor per project

     · Compare and analyze budget line items and facility spending

     · Generate energy reports by cost per square foot by building and facility typeStudying data gives the facilities director management tools

     · Analyze maintenance work orders to report labor efficiency

     · Monitor use of district funds and identification of potential cost savings

“The facility trending data is great information,” said John Craig, Brazosport ISD facility director, “which allowed us to look at where we actually stood in comparison to standards and to better understand where we could be more efficient or what we may have need in order to perform our daily operations at a higher level.”

Trending brings value to all districts through benchmarking your current status for future years and in training your facility department, according to Greg Carver, Facility Trending, who has more than 30 years experience working in various facility positions in dozens of small and large school districts, serving in many leadership positions as both a district administrator and early in his educational career as an outsourcing agent.  “I understand the value that our trending analysis provides for administrative leadership and the facility employees,"   said Carver.

For more information about requesting an in-depth, detailed, on-site facility management review, contact Greg Lookabaugh, Harris County Department of Education Choice Partners cooperative at The HCDE Facility Trending team has been performing analyses for school districts for the past three years through Harris County Department of Education.

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