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Expired Contracts

Below is a list of expired contracts for the past twelve (12) month period. Please check the awarded contracts list to see all the current vendors.

Vendors Contract Contract Numbers Expiration Date
Alpha Building Corporation Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-01 August 17, 2017
Brown & Root Industrial Services Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-09 August 17, 2017
Facilities Sources Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-07 August 17, 2017
Hobart Service Food Equipment Service 15/034TJ-04 August 17, 2017
Marketing Magic International LTD Award Jackets, Screen Printing and Embroidery 15/039KC-06 August 17, 2017
Tricon, Inc. Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-14 August 17, 2017
Borden Dairy Company Dairy and Other Related Products 12/037SC-01 July 31, 2017
Kurz & Company Bread Products 12/036SC-01 July 31, 2017
La Brisa Ice Cream Ice Cream Products 12/038SC-02 July 31, 2017
Lagniappe Dining Services Food Service Management 13/009SC-01 July 31, 2017
Smart Mouth Foods Pizza Program 12/056SC-01 July 31, 2017
Carroll's Discount Office Furniture Furniture 15/031CG-03 July 20, 2017
DLB Educational Corporation Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-06 July 20, 2017
Indeco Sales, Inc. Furniture 15/031CG-10 July 20, 2017
Rainbow Book Company Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-11 July 20, 2017
Sebco Books Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-14 July 20, 2017
Universal Time Release Publishing LLC Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-17 July 20, 2017
Wood Etc. Co Furniture 15/031CG-17 July 20, 2017
AOC Welding Supply/Praxair Welding Supplies and Gases 13/032DG-01 July 15, 2017
All Tire Supply Company Automotive Equipment, Tires and Tire Repair Supplies 13/032DG-03 July 15, 2017
BEVCO Consultants LLC M&O Parts and Equipment 13/032DG-05 July 15, 2017
ERC Environmental & Construction Services Doors, Windows, and Hardware (JOC-IDIQ) 13/055PB-01 July 15, 2017
ERC Environmental & Construction Services Painting Services (JOC-IDIQ) 13/054PB-02 July 15, 2017
Gulf Coast Paper Company Janitorial Supplies 13/032DG-10 July 15, 2017
H&V Equipment Inc. Industrial Equipment (Rent or Purchase) 13/032DG-11 July 15, 2017
LMC Corporation Doors, Windows, and Hardware (JOC-IDIQ) 13/055PB-02 July 15, 2017
Quality Security Systems Fire, Security, and Surveillance Equipment 13/032DG-19 July 15, 2017
Supply Works (Interline Brands) M&O Parts and Equipment 13/032DG-13 July 15, 2017
Texas Storage Systems Warehouse Racks and Shelving Systems 13/032DG-20 July 15, 2017
Bandstar Music Musical Instruments 14/023MP-01 July 14, 2017
Harrison And Company Furniture 14/022CG-03 July 14, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Furniture 14/022CG-08 July 14, 2017
Taylor Music Musical Instruments 14/023MP-05 July 14, 2017
Automated Logic Building Controls 11/039JC-01 June 20, 2017
Gulf Coast Athletic Supply Athletic Supplies 16/034KC-05 June 20, 2017
Multivista Construction Photographic Documentation Service 16/039JN-01 June 20, 2017
Pamela Printing Company Printing and Copying Services 16/036CG-03 June 20, 2017
Sign Solutions Inc Athletic Supplies 16/034KC-10 June 20, 2017
Swim Shops of the Southwest Athletic Supplies 16/034KC-13 June 20, 2017
Conference Technologies Inc. Audio Visual Equipment 12/015DG-07 June 18, 2017
Dahill LCD Screens and Large Format Printers 12/015DG-04 June 18, 2017
Nestle Waters North America Water (Drinking) and Coolers 12/047DG-02 June 18, 2017
Sparkletts (DS Services) Water (Drinking) and Coolers 12/047DG-01 June 18, 2017
Summit Integration Systems Audio Visual Equipment 12/015DG-15 June 18, 2017
Zeno Imaging Technology Hardware, Software, and Services 12/015DG-18 June 18, 2017
American Traffic Solutions Bus Arm Violation Detection System 13/030DG-01 June 17, 2017
Redflex Guardian, Inc. Bus Arm Violation Detection System 13/030DG-02 June 17, 2017
Texserve Bus Arm Violation Detection System 13/030DG-03 June 17, 2017
ABM Building Services, Inc. HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 14/021JN-01 June 16, 2017
Texas Teacher Supply Office Supplies 14/020MP-09 June 16, 2017
Bass Computers, Inc. Fire, Security, and Surveillance Equipment 15/037JN-01 June 15, 2017
Guardian Security Solutions, LC Fire, Safety, Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services (JOC/IDIQ) 15/037JN-03 June 15, 2017
Knight Security Systems Fire, Security, and Surveillance Equipment 15/037JN-04 June 15, 2017
LENSEC Fire, Safety, Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services (JOC/IDIQ) 15/037JN-05 June 15, 2017
LVC Technologies LLC Fire, Security, and Surveillance Equipment 15/037JN-06 June 15, 2017
Superior Automatic Fire Systems, LLC Fire, Safety, Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services (JOC/IDIQ) 15/037JN-08 June 15, 2017
ActPoint KPI (TransACT!) Financial and Operations Analysis, Evaluation and Reporting Software 13/045DG-01 May 20, 2017
Dominion Air & Heat, LLC HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 13/012PB-02 May 20, 2017
Jelco Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 14/015CG-02 May 19, 2017
Soil Express, Ltd. Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 14/015CG-04 May 19, 2017
M Space Holdings, LLC Modular Buildings (JOC-IDIQ) 15/025JN-03 May 18, 2017
U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group Insurance Services 15/021KC-06 May 18, 2017
Reliant Energy Energy Purchase 10/049MP-02 May 17, 2017
City Supply Co. Inc. Plumbing Supplies 15/020CG-02 April 20, 2017
Clifford Power Systems, Inc. Generator Power Equipment 15/020CG-03 April 20, 2017
Crawford Electric Supply Co. Electrical Supplies 15/020CG-05 April 20, 2017
Diversified Metal Fabricators, Inc. Playground Equipment 15/020CG-07 April 20, 2017
G & K Services Uniforms 15/019KC-08 April 20, 2017
Hunter-Knepshield Company Playground Equipment 15/020CG-09 April 20, 2017
Infinity Travel Management Travel Services 15/008KC-04 April 20, 2017
LEDs Unlimited LLC LED Lighting 15/020CG-11 April 20, 2017
Marriott International Travel Services 15/008KC-05 April 20, 2017
Mondor Uniforms (Dance Team) 15/019KC-12 April 20, 2017
Scott M Favre Public Adjuster LLC Disaster Recovery Consultants 15/002CG-02 April 20, 2017
Texas Solar Resources, Inc. LED Lighting 15/020CG-13 April 20, 2017
Tidal Basin Government Consulting, LLC Disaster Recovery Consultants 15/002CG-03 April 20, 2017
Yofi Cosmetics Uniforms (Dance Team) 15/019KC-16 April 20, 2017
Zed Security LLC Door Hardware Supplies 15/020CG-15 April 20, 2017
ABS MultiServices LLC Carpet Cleaning Service and Related Items 16/022CG-01 April 18, 2017
Hellas Construction, Inc. Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 12/006CG-01 April 16, 2017
ACCO Brands USA (GBC) Technology Supplies 16/010MP-01 March 31, 2017
Alamo Classroom Solutions Classroom Supplies and Related Items 17/006KH-01 March 31, 2017
BSN Sports Athletic Supplies 16/004MP-01 March 31, 2017
Blick Art Materials Art Supplies 16/003MP-01 March 31, 2017
Buckeye Cleaning Center Janitorial Supplies 16/007MP-01 March 31, 2017
Butler Business Products, LLC Art Supplies 16/003MP-02 March 31, 2017
Butler Business Products, LLC Classroom Teaching Supplies 16/005MP-01 March 31, 2017
Butler Business Products, LLC Office Supplies 16/009MP-01 March 31, 2017
Calico Industrial LLC Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-01 March 31, 2017
Central Poly-Bag Corp Food Service Supplies and Related Items 17/008KH-02 March 31, 2017
Commercial Art Supply Art Supplies 16/003MP-03 March 31, 2017
Crown Paper & Chemical Janitorial Supplies 16/007MP-02 March 31, 2017
DGS Educational Products Classroom Teaching Supplies 16/005MP-02 March 31, 2017
Daniel Office Products, Inc Office Supplies 16/009MP-02 March 31, 2017
Daniel Office Products, Inc Office Supplies and Related Items 17/011KH-05 March 31, 2017
Discount School Supply Classroom Supplies and Related Items 17/006KH-04 March 31, 2017
Educator's Depot, Inc. Office Supplies 16/009MP-03 March 31, 2017
Henry Schein Inc Medical Supplies 16/008MP-01 March 31, 2017
Last Group Enterprises, Inc. Janitorial Supplies 16/007MP-03 March 31, 2017
Liberty Paper Technology Supplies 16/010MP-02 March 31, 2017
NAO Global Supply Medical Supplies 16/008MP-02 March 31, 2017
Nasco Office Supplies and Related Items 17/011KH-08 March 31, 2017
Orr Textile Company, Inc. Athletic Supplies 16/004MP-02 March 31, 2017
Orr Textile Company, Inc. Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-02 March 31, 2017
Orr Textile Company, Inc. Janitorial Supplies 16/007MP-04 March 31, 2017
Pollock Paper Distributors Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-03 March 31, 2017
Pollock Paper Distributors Janitorial Supplies 16/007MP-05 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Art Supplies 16/003MP-04 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Athletic Supplies 16/004MP-03 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Classroom Teaching Supplies 16/005MP-03 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-04 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Medical Supplies 16/008MP-03 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Office Supplies 16/009MP-05 March 31, 2017
Pyramid School Products Technology Supplies 16/010MP-03 March 31, 2017
S&S Worldwide, Inc. Art Supplies 16/003MP-05 March 31, 2017
S&S Worldwide, Inc. Athletic Supplies 16/004MP-04 March 31, 2017
SMS Ambassadors Corp (Safe Handle Gloves) Medical Supplies 16/008MP-04 March 31, 2017
School Health Corporation Medical Supplies 16/008MP-05 March 31, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Art Supplies 16/003MP-06 March 31, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Athletic Supplies 16/004MP-05 March 31, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Classroom Teaching Supplies 16/005MP-04 March 31, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Office Supplies 16/009MP-06 March 31, 2017
School Specialty Inc. Technology Supplies 16/010MP-04 March 31, 2017
Standard Stationery Supply Co Art Supplies 16/003MP-07 March 31, 2017
Standard Stationery Supply Co Office Supplies 16/009MP-07 March 31, 2017
Standard Stationery Supply Co Technology Supplies 16/010MP-05 March 31, 2017
Tejas Office Products Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-05 March 31, 2017
Triarco Arts and Crafts Art Supplies 16/003MP-08 March 31, 2017
Wallace Packaging, LLC Food Service Supplies 16/006MP-06 March 31, 2017
A-Rocket Moving and Storage Moving Services 12/034KJ-01 February 27, 2017
Bayside Printing Printing and Copying Services 12/008LB-02 February 27, 2017
Pioneer Contract Services Moving Services 12/034KJ-03 February 27, 2017
Roadrunner Moving & Storage Moving Services 12/034KJ-04 February 27, 2017
Signature Aspen Imaging, LLC Printing and Copying Services 12/008LB-03 February 27, 2017
Thomas Printworks Printing and Copying Services 12/008LB-01 February 27, 2017
Adept Facilities and Design Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 13/017CG-01 February 25, 2017
Panhandle Steel Buildings Inc. Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 13/017CG-07 February 25, 2017
Facilities USA, LLC Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 14/012DA-06 February 24, 2017
Tadco Roofing, LLC Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 14/012DA-13 February 24, 2017
AAA Time Saver Services Paving Services, Asphalt/Concrete (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-01 February 23, 2017
Acme Fence Services Inc Fencing Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-02 February 23, 2017
Business Flooring Partners, LLC Flooring Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-03 February 23, 2017
C.M.Grossman Plumbing Plumbing Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-04 February 23, 2017
CDI Computer Dealers Inc. Technology Hardware, Software, and Services 15/006MP-03 February 23, 2017
Clean Tile and More, Inc. Flooring Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-05 February 23, 2017
Corestone Construction Services Paving Services, Asphalt/Concrete (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-06 February 23, 2017
Duraplay, Inc. Paving Services, Asphalt/Concrete (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-07 February 23, 2017
Facilities USA, LLC Repair and Renovation Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-08 February 23, 2017
Heat Transfer Solutions HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-09 February 23, 2017
Interfacing Company of Texas Communications Cabling (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-10 February 23, 2017
Liqua Tech Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-11 February 23, 2017
Maintenance Solutions, Inc Flooring Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-12 February 23, 2017
Millennium Project Solutions, Inc Electrical Contractor Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-13 February 23, 2017
Miracle Method Mid-Cities Doors, Windows, and Hardware (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-14 February 23, 2017
Mitchell Contracting Painting, Drywall, Acoustical Ceilings, And Flooring (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-15 February 23, 2017
Nash Industries, Inc. Repair and Renovation Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-16 February 23, 2017
Pfeiffer & Son Communications Cabling (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-17 February 23, 2017
Precision Safe Sidewalks, LLC Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal Service (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-18 February 23, 2017
QA Systems, Inc Technology Hardware, Software, and Services 15/006MP-17 February 23, 2017
Raven Mechanical, LP Mechanical Contracting, Electrical, and Plumbing Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-19 February 23, 2017
Schramme Construction Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-20 February 23, 2017
Soteria Safety Services, LLC Repair and Renovation Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-21 February 23, 2017
SpecPro, Inc. Doors, Windows, and Hardware (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-22 February 23, 2017
T&R Mechanical Inc. HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-23 February 23, 2017
TEKsystems, Inc. Temporary Personnel Services 15/006MP-23 February 23, 2017
Tandus Centiva US LLC Flooring Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-24 February 23, 2017
Technology Integration Group Technology Hardware, Software, and Services 15/006MP-22 February 23, 2017
Texas Specialty Products,LTD. HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-25 February 23, 2017
Washington & Sons A/C and Heating, LLC HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-26 February 23, 2017
Williamson Restoration Inc Repair and Renovation Services (JOC-IDIQ) 15/009CG-27 February 23, 2017
Batteries Plus Bulbs 428 LED Lighting 16/002CG-02 February 22, 2017
Constructive Playthings Early Childhood Supplies 16/021KC-04 February 22, 2017
Genesis Business Communication Solutions LED Lighting 16/002CG-07 February 22, 2017
James Industry Group, Inc. LED Lighting 16/002CG-08 February 22, 2017
LEDs Unlimited LLC LED Lighting 16/002CG-09 February 22, 2017
School Health Corporation Early Childhood Supplies 16/021KC-11 February 22, 2017
P2MG Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 10/030JC-03 February 21, 2017
NAO Global Supply Medical Supplies 15/016MP-02 February 3, 2017
AMX SchoolView Audio Visual Equipment 13/068DG-02 January 22, 2017
GovConnection, Inc. Technology Hardware, Software, and Services 13/068DG-16 January 22, 2017
Compass Learning Academic Programs (QZAB) 12/010LB-02 January 16, 2017
Houston GroTech Services Landscape and Maintenance Services 12/013KJ-02 January 16, 2017
National Education Foundation Academic Programs (QZAB) 12/010LB-04 January 16, 2017
Laguna Tools Woodworking Tools and Equipment 13/061DG-05 December 16, 2016
MTF Equipment Sales Automotive Equipment, Tires and Tire Repair Supplies 13/061DG-06 December 16, 2016
McKenna Contracting Inc Playground Systems (JOC-IDIQ) 13/072CG-02 December 16, 2016
Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. Flight Simulation Training 13/061DG-07 December 16, 2016
Awesome Events Event Rentals 16/001KC-01 December 14, 2016
Burlington English Educational/Instructional Software 16/012MP-04 December 14, 2016
Southwest Education, Inc. Educational/Instructional Software 16/012MP-12 December 14, 2016
SunGard Infrastructure as a Service 12/058DG-05 November 19, 2016
A&F Elevator Elevator Services 13/057DA-01 November 18, 2016
Benchmark Education Company Educational Materials 13/062DG-07 November 18, 2016
Heinemann Educational Materials 13/062DG-24 November 18, 2016
Newmark Learning Educational Materials 13/062DG-38 November 18, 2016
Doc-Aid Telemedicine Services Tele-Medicine 14/038DG-01 November 17, 2016
Epicure Digital Systems Digital Signage for Food Service 14/035TJ-02 November 17, 2016
USATEQ, LLC Road Products 15/047CG-03 November 16, 2016
Executive Threat Solutions LLC Security Officer Services and Private Investigation Work (Off-Duty Police) 12/007LB-01 November 14, 2016
4Imprint Promotional Items 11/056LB-01 October 17, 2016
Andersons Promotional Items 11/056LB-04 October 17, 2016
Authentic Promotions Promotional Items 11/056LB-05 October 17, 2016
Butler Business Products, LLC Promotional Items 11/056LB-08 October 17, 2016
Corporate Incentives Promotional Items 11/056LB-09 October 17, 2016
Custom Sportswear Promotional Items 11/056LB-10 October 17, 2016
Graphics Unlimited Promotional Items 11/056LB-13 October 17, 2016
J. Harding & Co. Promotional Items 11/056LB-14 October 17, 2016
Popular Embroidery Promotional Items 11/056LB-16 October 17, 2016
Positive Promotions Promotional Items 11/056LB-17 October 17, 2016
Rain Ponchos Plus Promotional Items 11/056LB-18 October 17, 2016
Facilities Sources Disaster Recovery and Restoration 09/063DR-01 September 20, 2016
Certification Partners Web Based Education & Certification 14/034MP-04 September 15, 2016
MIAT Institute of Technology Aviation Maintenance Training 14/034MP-09 September 15, 2016
Polygon US Corporation Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-05 September 15, 2016
Rapid Recovery Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-07 September 15, 2016
Ambonare, Inc. Web Design Services 15/044MP-01 September 14, 2016
Blackboard Web Design Services 15/044MP-02 September 14, 2016, Inc. Web Design Services 15/044MP-03 September 14, 2016
Audio Optical Systems of Austin Educational Materials 14/031MP-03 August 18, 2016
ShopK12, Inc Educational Materials 14/031MP-27 August 18, 2016

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