Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200 requirements!

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Expired Contracts

Below is a list of expired contracts for the past twelve (12) month period. (if you are logged in you may download the Due Diligence files by clicking on the contract number)

Please check the awarded contracts list to see all the current vendors.

Vendors Contract Contract Numbers Expiration Date
Ambassador Services, LLC Janitorial Cleaning Services 15/005JN-02 February 23, 2020
Barnes & Noble Booksellers e-Readers and e-Books 15/006MP-01 February 23, 2020
Hospitality Cleaning Solutions Janitorial Cleaning Services 15/005JN-03 February 23, 2020
Houston Information Team, Inc. IT Consulting and Integration 15/006MP-07 February 23, 2020
Metroclean Commercial Building Services Janitorial Cleaning Services 15/005JN-04 February 23, 2020
Phonoscope Enterprise Group Internet Access 15/006MP-15 February 23, 2020
True North Consulting Group, LLC IT Consulting and Integration 15/006MP-25 February 23, 2020
Express Booksellers Early Childhood Supplies 16/021KC-05 February 22, 2020
National Educational Systems, Inc. Early Childhood Supplies 16/021KC-09 February 22, 2020
Summit Electric Supply Co., Inc. LED Lighting 16/002CG-10 February 22, 2020
Unified Sunergy Systems LLC LED Lighting 16/002CG-12 February 22, 2020
Indiana Furniture Industries Inc. Office Furniture and Related Items 18/015KC-02 January 23, 2020
J.R., Inc. Office Furniture and Related Items 18/015KC-03 January 23, 2020
Blender Direct Fuel and Lubricants 15/001MP-01 December 15, 2019
Petroleum Traders Fuel and Lubricants 15/001MP-04 December 15, 2019
Southern Care Sweeping & Paving Company Parking Lot and Street Cleaning Services 14/037CG-01 December 15, 2019
Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Fuel and Lubricants 15/001MP-06 December 15, 2019
JR Thomas Group, Inc. Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-12 December 13, 2019
Ecolab, Inc. Custodial Supplies and Services 18/075KD-06 December 6, 2019
Allpoints Food Service Parts & Supplies M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-01 November 28, 2019
Bailey Bark Materials, Inc. M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-02 November 28, 2019
Batteries Plus Bulbs #468 M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-03 November 28, 2019
CertainTeed Ceilings M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-05 November 28, 2019
Heat Transfer Solutions M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-06 November 28, 2019
Sanitary Supply Co. M&O Parts and Equipment 17/052CG-10 November 28, 2019
Creative Learning Systems Applied Technology Lab 14/036JN-01 November 17, 2019
School Specialty Inc. Security Systems 18/068MR-07 November 13, 2019
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. Security Systems 18/068MR-08 November 13, 2019
Fellowes, Inc (fka) ESI Ergonomic Solutions, LLC Furniture 15/031CG-07 November 11, 2019
Advantage USAA Inc Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 17/038CG-01 October 17, 2019
Brazos Urethane, Inc Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 17/038CG-03 October 17, 2019
Jaco Roofing & Construction Inc Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 17/038CG-09 October 17, 2019
TSG INDUSTRIES Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 17/038CG-14 October 17, 2019
Tecta America CS LLC Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 17/038CG-13 October 17, 2019
Challenge Office Products, Inc. Furniture 15/031CG-04 October 16, 2019
Gulf States Laundry Machinery Industrial Equipment Rent, Lease or Purchase 18/072KC-02 October 16, 2019
Palmieri Furniture Furniture 15/031CG-12 October 16, 2019
Sanitary Supply Co. Custodial Supplies and Services 18/075KD-14 October 16, 2019
Sports Field Solutions Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 18/067MR-06 October 16, 2019
Hallmark Office Products, Inc. Furniture 15/031CG-09 September 24, 2019
Xerox Business Solutions Southwest (fka Dahill) Copiers / 3D Printers / Digital Duplicators 16/046KC-01 September 24, 2019
Acara Solutions, Inc. fka Superior Talent Resources Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-09 September 19, 2019
Atterro (fkaTechnical Prosource) Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-10 September 19, 2019
ObjectWin Technology, Inc. Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-05 September 19, 2019
Precision Micrographics and Imaging, Inc. Document Management 18/056KD-66 September 19, 2019
Silver & Associates Consulting Inc. Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-07 September 19, 2019
Tempower LLC Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-11 September 19, 2019
vTech Solution Inc. Temporary Personnel Services 17/045KC-13 September 19, 2019
3P Learning Educational/Instructional Software 18/056KD-01 September 18, 2019
ACE Educational Supplies Educational Materials 18/058KC-01 September 18, 2019
Adventures in Learning Educational Materials 18/058KC-03 September 18, 2019
Apple Books Educational Materials 18/058KC-04 September 18, 2019
Bak USA Technologies Corporation Technology Hardware, Software and Services 18/056KD-06 September 18, 2019
Blue Ox Construction, Inc HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 18/060JN-02 September 18, 2019
Brainchild Educational/Instructional Software 18/056KD-09 September 18, 2019
CAPFIVE Technology Solutions Technology Hardware, Software and Services 18/056KD-11 September 18, 2019
Carnegie Learning, Inc. Educational Materials 18/058KC-05 September 18, 2019
ClassLink, Inc. Software as a Service 18/056KD-14 September 18, 2019
Classroom Library Company Educational Materials 18/058KC-07 September 18, 2019
Cypher Security, LLC Technology Security Solutions 18/056KD-16 September 18, 2019
Diverse Education Resources Technology Hardware, Software and Services 18/056KD-20 September 18, 2019
Dynastudy, Inc. Educational Materials 18/058KC-10 September 18, 2019
Floors 2 Adore Painting, Drywall, Acoustical Ceilings, And Flooring (JOC-IDIQ) 18/060JN-09 September 18, 2019
Frontline Education (fka) Prologic Technology Systems, Inc. Financial Software 18/056KD-51 September 18, 2019
Intervene, LLC Technology Hardware, Software and Services 18/056KD-33 September 18, 2019
J. Appleseed Educational Materials 18/058KC-14 September 18, 2019
JAGGAER Electronic Procurement Software 18/056KD-35 September 18, 2019
K12 Alerts Emergency Messaging and Bullying Reporting Systems 18/056KD-36 September 18, 2019
Lectorum Publications Inc. Educational Materials 18/058KC-18 September 18, 2019
LightSail Inc. Educational Materials 18/058KC-19 September 18, 2019
Mometrix Media LLC Educational Materials 18/058KC-21 September 18, 2019
Optimum Consultancy Services, LLC Software as a Service 18/056KD-45 September 18, 2019
PolyPrinter Copiers / 3D Printers 18/056KD-50 September 18, 2019
Rally! Education Educational Materials 18/058KC-29 September 18, 2019
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. Technology Security Solutions 18/056KD-59 September 18, 2019
The Reading Warehouse Educational Materials 18/058KC-38 September 18, 2019
Arbor Scientific Scientific Equipment 14/034MP-01 September 15, 2019
Blackmon Mooring/BMS CAT Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-01 September 15, 2019
Cengage Learning CTE/Vocational Teaching Aids 14/034MP-03 September 15, 2019
Facilities Sources Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-02 September 15, 2019
Henry Schein Inc CTE/Vocational Teaching Aids 14/034MP-07 September 15, 2019
Holder's Pest Solutions Pest Control Services 14/026CG-01 September 15, 2019
Mooring Recovery Services Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-04 September 15, 2019
New Horizons Computer Learning Center-Houston Technology Training 14/034MP-10 September 15, 2019
Penn State Industries Woodworking Tools and Equipment 14/034MP-12 September 15, 2019
Power Vac America, Inc Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-06 September 15, 2019
Teaching Systems, Inc. Web Based Education & Certification 14/034MP-13 September 15, 2019
Technical Lab Systems Training Systems Distributor 14/034MP-14 September 15, 2019
Texas General Contractors, Inc. Disaster Mitigation 14/029JN-10 September 15, 2019
Texas Pride Marketing Automotive Equipment, Tires and Tire Repair Supplies 14/034MP-15 September 15, 2019
The Burmax Company Cosmetology Products 14/034MP-02 September 15, 2019
SAK Construction, LLC Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation 15/049JN-02 September 14, 2019
Southern Science Supply Scientific Equipment 15/052KC-09 September 14, 2019
WebRevelation, Inc Web Design Services 15/044MP-05 September 14, 2019
AOSS Medical Supply, Inc. Health & Medical Supplies and Related Items 14/024MP-01 August 18, 2019
Accelerate Learning Inc. Educational Materials 14/031MP-02 August 18, 2019
Cengage Learning Educational Materials 14/031MP-06 August 18, 2019
DrumFIT USA Educational Materials 14/031MP-10 August 18, 2019
Educator's Depot, Inc. Educational Materials 14/031MP-11 August 18, 2019
Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co. Educational Materials 14/031MP-15 August 18, 2019
KAMICO Instructional Media, Inc. Educational Materials 14/031MP-17 August 18, 2019
Kaplan Early Learning Company Educational Materials 14/031MP-18 August 18, 2019
McGraw-Hill School Education, LLC Educational Materials 14/031MP-21 August 18, 2019
Peoples Education, Inc. Educational Materials 14/031MP-23 August 18, 2019
Positive Promotions Educational Materials 14/031MP-24 August 18, 2019
Rally! Education Educational Materials 14/031MP-25 August 18, 2019
TCC Learning LLC Web Based Education & Certification 14/031MP-29 August 18, 2019
Triumph Learning Educational Materials 14/031MP-32 August 18, 2019
Corporate Incentives Award Jackets, Screen Printing and Embroidery 15/039KC-03 August 17, 2019
Siemens Industry, Inc. Energy Management and Conservation (ESCO) 15/040CG-01 August 17, 2019
TSG INDUSTRIES Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 15/041JN-15 August 17, 2019
Computer Comforts, Inc. Furniture 15/031CG-05 August 16, 2019
Green Light Group Tours Travel Services - Student & Educational 16/053KC-02 August 15, 2019
Oriental Trading Company, Inc. Promotional Items 16/057KC-08 August 15, 2019
SERVPRO Spring/Tomball Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 16/054JN-12 August 15, 2019
The Ratliff Group, LLC Construction-JOC (JOC-IDIQ) 16/054JN-14 August 15, 2019
TESCO Learning Environments Furniture 15/031CG-13 August 8, 2019
American Reading Company Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-01 July 20, 2019
Keystone Books & Media Textbooks and Library Books 15/035KC-10 July 20, 2019
Lavaca County Office Supply dba South Texas School Furniture Furniture 15/031CG-11 July 20, 2019
Butler Business Products, LLC Furniture 14/022CG-01 July 14, 2019
Educator's Depot, Inc. Furniture 14/022CG-02 July 14, 2019
H&H Music/Universal Melody Musical Instruments 14/023MP-02 July 14, 2019
Kaplan Early Learning Company Furniture 14/022CG-04 July 14, 2019
Kay Davis Associates, LLC Furniture 14/022CG-05 July 14, 2019
Lakeshore Learning Materials Furniture 14/022CG-06 July 14, 2019
Library Interiors of Texas Furniture 14/022CG-07 July 14, 2019
Music & Arts Center Musical Instruments 14/023MP-03 July 14, 2019
Washington Music Center Musical Instruments 14/023MP-07 July 14, 2019
Gopher Sport Athletic Supplies 16/034KC-04 June 20, 2019
US Games Athletic Supplies 16/034KC-14 June 20, 2019
VIP Systems, Inc. Fire, Safety, Security and Surveillance Equipment/Services (JOC/IDIQ) 16/040CG-08 June 20, 2019
806 Technologies, Inc. Technology Hardware, Software and Services 17/026KH-02 June 19, 2019
Exebridge Technology Hardware, Software and Services 17/026KH-13 June 19, 2019
Global Knowledge Training LLC Technology Hardware, Software and Services 17/026KH-15 June 19, 2019
Howard Technology Solutions Technology Hardware, Software and Services 17/026KH-18 June 19, 2019
Jabis Security Services Technology Hardware, Software and Services 17/026KH-21 June 19, 2019
A/W Mechanical Services, LP HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 14/021JN-03 June 16, 2019
Bosworth Paper Office Supplies 14/020MP-01 June 16, 2019
Butler Business Products, LLC Office Supplies 14/020MP-02 June 16, 2019
Challenge Office Products, Inc. Office Supplies 14/020MP-03 June 16, 2019
Facilities Sources HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 14/021JN-04 June 16, 2019
Hallmark Office Products, Inc. Office Supplies 14/020MP-04 June 16, 2019
Hunton Services (HVAC Mechanical) HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 14/021JN-05 June 16, 2019
Letsos Company Mechanical Contractors HVAC Equipment and Service (JOC-IDIQ) 14/021JN-06 June 16, 2019
School Specialty Inc. Office Supplies 14/020MP-06 June 16, 2019
Tejas Office Products Office Supplies 14/020MP-08 June 16, 2019
SMARTOX Drug Testing Services 18/033KC-03 May 20, 2019
Adventure Playground Systems, Inc. Playground Systems (JOC-IDIQ) 14/015CG-01 May 19, 2019
Central Landscape and Maintenance Landscape and Maintenance Services 15/023JN-04 April 20, 2019
Corporate Incentives Uniforms 15/019KC-06 April 20, 2019
Goodman Bus Bus Service (Charter) 15/008KC-03 April 20, 2019
Visiontron Corp. Crowd Control Equipment 15/020CG-14 April 20, 2019
Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 17/018CG-01 April 17, 2019
Fisher Tracks, Inc. Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 17/018CG-02 April 17, 2019
PTI Sports and Recreation Construction Athletic Surfaces (JOC-IDIQ) 17/018CG-03 April 17, 2019
Southern Sound Systems, Inc. Event Rentals 17/028KC-02 April 17, 2019
Cook Mechanical, Inc. Mechanical Contracting, Electrical, and Plumbing Services (JOC-IDIQ) 18/036MC-04 April 15, 2019
Reliable Commercial Roofing Services, Inc. Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 18/029JN-10 April 15, 2019
Balfour Company Graduation, Yearbooks, and Commemorative 14/016DG-01 April 14, 2019
Balfour Publishing Graduation, Yearbooks, and Commemorative 14/016DG-02 April 14, 2019
Focus EduVation, Inc. (FEV Tutor) Online Tutoring 14/002DA-01 April 14, 2019
Graduate Sales & Recognition Graduation, Yearbooks, and Commemorative 14/016DG-03 April 14, 2019
Jostens, Inc. Graduation, Yearbooks, and Commemorative 14/016DG-05 April 14, 2019
Studentnest Inc. Academic Programs for QZAB Projects 17/021KC-10 February 27, 2019
Atlas Universal Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 14/012DA-02 February 24, 2019
D & G Quality Roofing, Inc. Roofing (JOC-IDIQ) 14/012DA-05 February 24, 2019
Enhanced Laser Products Toner and Ink Cartridges 15/006MP-04 February 23, 2019
Insight Investments, LLC Leasing (Technology and Assets) 15/006MP-08 February 23, 2019
Insource Technology Direct, LLC Technology Hardware, Software and Services 15/006MP-09 February 23, 2019
LyncVerse Technologies Technology Hardware, Software and Services 15/006MP-11 February 23, 2019
NWN Corporation Technology Hardware, Software and Services 15/006MP-13 February 23, 2019
Netsync Network Solutions Technology Hardware, Software and Services 15/006MP-12 February 23, 2019
Pure Speed Lightwave, Inc (dba PS Lightwave) Internet Access 15/006MP-16 February 23, 2019
Rugged Protection, LLC Technology Protection Devices 15/006MP-18 February 23, 2019
SHI Government Solutions Technology Hardware, Software and Services 15/006MP-20 February 23, 2019
Set Solutions Technology Security Solutions 15/006MP-19 February 23, 2019
iTech Solutions Audio Visual Equipment 15/006MP-10 February 23, 2019

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