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Current News

Energy conservation tool ready for use [March 2008]

[March 2008] Most school districts, cities, counties, colleges and universities are now required to conserve energy, publicly report use of electricity, water and natural gas, and install energy-efficient equipment. House Bill 3693, which became law September 2007, requires a reduction of energy use by 5 percent per year for six years for all publicly-funded entities with expenditures greater than $200,000. The law amends the Texas Education Code, Government Code, Health and Safety Code, Property Code, Tax Code and Utilities Code, and mandates that publicly-funded entities:

§           Reduce electricity, water and natural gas usage by 5 percent each year for six years;

§           Report electricity, water, and natural gas usage and expenditures, measures implemented and justification for not meeting established goals on a publicly-accessible website;  and,

§           Install energy efficient equipment such as light bulbs and adopt Conservation Plans. 


To assist school districts and other publicly-funded entities in complying with HB 3693, Choice Facility Partners, a division of Harris County Department of Education, has contracted with several companies to deliver energy conservation and ‘green energy’ generation solutions, following a competitively bid contract for Job Order Contracting services.


Starting with an in-depth analysis of school district’ buildings and structures, vendor partners can identify immediate opportunities and cost-justified solutions to reduce energy use, including lighting control and monitoring systems, HVAC upgrades, repairs and renovations. Partners can also identify possible alternative renewable energy solutions, e.g. solar, biomass and wind, to help school districts and other governmental entities meet the more difficult conservation goals in later years. Contracted through JOC with competitive RS Means pricing, Job Order Contractors and their network of state-wide subcontractors can quickly install energy conservation and alternative renewable energy solutions to achieve immediate results. 


For more information about Choice Facility Partners, contact Dean Zajicek, director, 713-696-2122 or