Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all cooperative requirements of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200!  

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Contact Choice Partners

Choice Partners
National Purchasing Cooperative

6005 Westview
Houston TX 77055

Toll Free: 877-696-2122
office: 713-696-2122 

Map to Westview Location:

Main Office
Harris County Department of Education
6300 Irvington Blvd.
Houston, TX 77022

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Your Contact Information:
Jane Lopez Assistant Director-Commodities 877-696-2122
Trisha Prestigiacomo, RTSBA Assistant Director-Food 713-696-0742
Stephen Kendrick, RTSBA Assistant Director-Facilities & Construction 713-696-8252
Tami Cyrus, CTSBS  Contract Manager  713-696-1337
Michael Robles, RTSBA Contract Manager  713-316-4254
Monique Joseph, CTSBO Contract Manager  713-316-4259
Steve Gibson, CPSM Contract Manager  713-681-6052
Sophia Gutierrez Contract Coordinator 713-696-8208
Ashlee Kane Contract Manager/Food 713-696-8213
Monica Niles Contract Coordinator/Food 713-696-8209
Rosie Contreras Contract Assistant/Food 713-696-8243
Janet Wachs MCE Asst. Director 920-251-1097
Christina Nino Client Services Manager 713-696-0746
Mary Causey, MS, RTSBA Contract Compliance Specialist 713-696-8270
Arlita Kyles, CTSBO Contract Specialist 713-696-8241
Brandy Dean Administrative Assistant 713-696-1886
DaJuan Forstall Contract Assistant 713-696-0743
Shandra Powell Contract Specialist 713-696-1389
Daniele C. De Sousa Ferrira Digital File Clerk 713-696-1787
Ann Marie Harbour Field Representative 817-703-7901
Bethany Webster Field Representative 281-770-2998
Guy Wallace Field Representative 281-703-1432
Heather Foster Field Representative 512-925-1400
Bill Sherer Field Representative 713-859-6384
Jeff Drury, RTSBA Sr. Director 713-696-0786