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Three Options Available for Summer Facilities Work

Posted on : Mon, April 27, 2015

It’s May. Have you lined up your contracts for your summer facilities projects?  It takes about 60 days

to write and advertise a Request for Proposal before responses arrive. Then it is at least another 30 days to evaluate the responses and send the award recommendation to the board of trustees. If you have not done that, what are your options? 

Use your annual on-call contract with a facilities services provider who has already provided pricing based on a published construction/maintenance unit price book which covers 99% of all project types, or on pricing established in the competitive sealed proposal for Construction Unit Price Bookconstruction and maintenance projects (not time and materials). Frequently called Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity or IDIQ, these on-call contracts specify a coefficient of the published construction/maintenance unit price. If you have already awarded such a contract to facilities services trades companies, then you have the contract and staffing needed for your summer facilities projects.

Use a cooperative contract that has already been awarded for facilities services. If you have specific vendors you wish to work with, you might search for those vendors and then see what cooperative contracts they have been awarded. In that case, ensure that the cooperative you are choosing is based in a government agency or at least has a lead government agency that awards the contracts. There are nonprofit organizations that use the name “cooperative” that are offering contracts that are not legal in Texas. Their agreements do not name any government, and thus are not an interlocal GOVERNMENTAL contract, as required by Interlocal Cooperative Contracts - Chapter 791.

If the cooperative purchasing organization you have selected to use is legal, next check to ensure that the vendor contract you want to use was issued with IDIQ standard price-book pricing. Facilities services contracts for construction and maintenance must follow Texas Government Code 2269, (with the exception of energy savings conservation contracts). Maintenance work that provides some type of improvement or upgrade, such as an upgrade of old lighting fixtures to newer efficiency bulbs, would be procured under Government Code 2269.

See examples of more than 100 IDIQ facilities services contracts.  Choice Partners recently added (IDIQ) after the contract category name on the website to indicate which contracts have been procured for facilities services under Texas Government Code 2269.

Other contracts that may be helpful for getting construction and maintenance work completed over the summer include new Choice Partners facilities contracts awarded in April for maintenance and operations.

      Industrial Cleaning Equipment - Alklean Industries Inc;

     Janitorial Supplies - Micro-X1 Inc;

     LED Lighting - LEDs Unlimited LLC;

     Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Supplies - City Supply Co Inc; Coburns Supply Co Inc;

           Crawford Electric Supply Company

     Maintenance and Operations Parts and Equipment - D&G Supply Division;

     Generator Power Equipment - Clifford Power Systems Inc and
     Solar Power Equipment - Texas Solar Resources Inc.

In addition, a new contract was added for Crowd Control Equipment - Visiontron Corporation.

To use these Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative contracts, become a member. Questions? Call Choice Partners toll free number 877-696-2122.

Choice Partners is a division of Harris County Department of Education.

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