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Increase Efficiencies

Posted on : Wed, August 27, 2014

School districts, cities and other governmental entities that use the Dahill contract for copiers and printing services get more than just cutting-edge equipment—they get access to Dahill’s friendly, knowledgeable and fast-moving support team.

        Galena Park ISD uses the Dahill contract through Choice Partners cooperative and has been satisfied with the results—particularly its online service platform. With a variety of Xerox 

copiers across its campuses, the Houston-area school district knows that maintenance problems can arise, whether it’s a paper misfeed or an empty toner cartridge.

        Lynn Nutt, logistics coordinator at Galena Park ISD, said she’s happy with Dahill’s set up for service requests and supply orders.

        “We do it all online so you get a confirmation right away,” Nutt said. “We can order supplies or place a service call—it’s really easy.”

The online maintenance and supplies service is so simple, in fact, that Nutt trains the campus staff to go directly to Dahill instead of calling her! 

         Considering that most Galena Park ISD campuses have a copier that can print 30 pages per minute (ppm) and at least one that runs 95 ppm, the added speed with supplies and service calls really adds up to time saved in the work room. It’s no surprise, then, that Nutt called her Dahill contract “very satisfactory overall.”

        The city of Brownsville is also pleased using the Choice Partners contract with Dahill, primarily for networked “all-in-one” machines that can copy, scan and fax.

        “Our experience has been great,” said Gerardo Noriega, purchasing agent for the city of Brownsville. “We have not had any issues with salespeople or the service team. Our departments are happy using their services.”

        Noriega said Dahill continuously follows up to ensure the city’s needs are met.         

        “They are a very attentive company,” Noriega said.

        Furthermore, members appreciate that the Choice Partners contract covers more than just hardware. 

        “Everything we’ve asked for, supplies, maintenance, service parts, all of the consumable supplies, are included in the contract,” said Nutt. “It allows us to do more with less!”

        Nutt also notes “it’s easier and more efficient” using the Choice Partners contract than those of other cooperatives.  Plus she appreciates that the Choice Partners contract allows for flexibility in how Galena Park ISD sets up its reconciliation.

    Noriega said the city of Brownsville has also had good experience using Choice Partners contracts. “We have not had any issues with the co-op or with the co-op’s vendors,” he said.
        To see details on any of the four Dahill contracts, go to and type Dahill in the search box. 

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