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Cooperative Purchasing Contracts Can Help Implement Security Camera Law

Posted on : Tue, August 11, 2015

Texas recently passed a new law requiring security cameras in self-contained special education classrooms if requested by a parent, trustee or staff member. Because the law applies at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, officials have one year to plan for implementation. While that may sound like enough time, schools may still feel like they’re scrambling to manage the new legal, technological and budgetary demands.

Choice Partners has contracts that can help. Our cooperative purchasing contracts for audio visual and for safety and security equipment provide good options for schools looking to fill orders without having to handle every detail of the procurement process themselves. If you’re looking to simply add classroom cameras to a preexisting security or monitoring system, Choice Partners also has contracts for IT consulting and integration. An interlocal contract with Harris County Department of Education gives you membership status, which connects you to vendors who specialize in streamlining operations and making equipment user-friendly.

Understanding the new bill is the first step towards knowing specifically which services should be provided and when. For example, schools do not need to obtain parental consent to use the cameras in the classroom, but they are required to retain the video recordings for at least six months. Such technology could mean an even greater expense for schools.

New laws can leave school districts grappling for ways to implement them, but there is no need for the burden to be borne alone. It’s moments like these when belonging to a purchasing cooperative like Choice Partners can make a real difference. If you're interested, view our legal, competitively awarded job order contracts for security camera installation.

Remember that installing new camera equipment is most likely a public work and as such, should be procured under Texas Government Code Chapter 2269. The Choice Partners contracts listed above are job order contracts procured in accordance with Chapter 2269.


If you only need equipment and your own district staff will install them or you need some consulting advice, these contracts might be helpful:

If you work for a school district that has not yet sent in your interlocal contract, visit, then download the form for your board of trustees to approve.  Send the form to HCDE Choice Partners and now you can access any of the legal, competitively bid contracts.

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