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Security Systems

Security access systems within individual schools, school district offices and certain secure areas within city and county government offices are becoming more necessary. Many systems that identify and keep track of persons entering and exiting sensitive buildings, schools and government offices utilize a biometric security access system service that actually uses a person’s individual characteristics such as a fingerprint or cornea pattern as a form of identification. 

There is virtually no better or more secure way of identifying persons seeking entry into buildings or employees who are entitled to enter certain secure areas than a biometric security access system.  Biometric security access systems have proven to be highly reliable and useful in matching an individual, such as an employee, with an identity in a corporate database, or matching a non-employee using a driver’s license or other form of identification with a statewide or national database of persons who should be either barred from entering schools or closely monitored during their visit. 

A biometric access security system is a way in which schools, cities, counties and other eligible organizations can expand their police force or security detail.  Such a system allows a police officer or security guard to maintain a heightened vigilance on persons with questionable backgrounds.  These security access systems can also be used to keep track of employee attendance and their movement within the organization’s locations.

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