Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR requirements!


Infrastructure as a Service

With our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) contracts, Choice Partners is ready to help meet needs of Information Technology divisions. The benefits and capabilities of cloud systems can be fully utilized to securely access your information anyplace, anywhere, anytime from your smart phone, tablet or PC computer.


If you’re a school, college, university, county or other nonprofit or governmental entity in need of a competitively bid cloud services contract that meets all procurement law, consider the following options that you can get from a Choice Partners contract:


  • Initial and ongoing expenses. Cloud-based technologies allow conversion of standard capital expenses to operational by leasing the hardware and software instead of purchasing it. This may lower expenses by an amount as modest as 1% to an average of 30%.
  • Reduced IT expenses. Cloud companies have service desks which answer calls 24/7 as part of the monthly service, eliminating the need to call an IT service technician to the site. Significant savings can also be seen in reduced server and network infrastructure costs, desktop management costs and future server and application upgrades.
  • No requirement to invest in upgrades. Most monthly cloud services complete all software upgrades by working with the vendor to ensure things are done correctly while avoiding any system downtime. Service Level Agreements are key to ensure that the cloud company does as promised and is accountable through financial reimbursement if SLA’s are not met.
  • Built in compliancy. Ever increasing federal, state and organizational regulations can require more know-how. Partnering with the appropriate cloud provider can significantly reduce the risks of non-compliance and ensure a safer, more robust data environment.


Save time and money with a Choice Partners cooperative purchasing contract for infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing services, also referred to as capacity on-demand or virtual servers on-demand. To become a Choice Partners member, all you need to do is have your governing board sign the interlocal agreement (Texas entities) or register (if outside Texas) at no cost. Then you’ll be on your way to procuring the cloud computing services you need.

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