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Energy Consulting

Energy management programs have been found to be the best and perhaps only way to contain energy costs and control energy use in small, medium and large organizations alike. Effective energy management programs pay for themselves many times over in reduced energy costs, higher efficiencies and positive behavior changes. These types of proactive programs, designed to exercise control over energy costs and usage, often include: a thorough energy audit of the building and its history of energy consumption; employee education programs that result in a renewed commitment on the part of workers to energy conservation and smarter energy use; retrofitting electrical appliances and lights to make better use of energy and reduce waste or overuse; and advice on how to make larger changes in the facility such as higher levels of insulation, utilizing new technology for heating water and the buildings’ ambient temperature, and much more.

These energy management programs are absolute essentials for any organization, but are legally mandated for most public sector agencies. With the passage of HB 3693, governmental agencies are required to develop energy management programs that will result in lower usage, monitored compliance and state reporting. Choice Partners can create individualized, effective energy management programs that will meet and exceed mandated levels.

Purchasing and aggregating energy for schools and other governmental entities through Choice Partners contracts provides best value and saves money on energy use. Energy aggregation is an effective method by which eligible organizations with compatible energy needs and usage patterns band together to negotiate for a better long-term price and greater level of reliability. Choice Partners vendor partners provide best value – beating the pricing and service of many of the popular power pools.

True costs of power need to be disclosed so governmental entities can fully compare per meter charges and kilowatt hours. Like any commodity, the purchase of energy can be managed and controlled to give the buyer complete budgetary command over this essential resource. Energy aggregation allows member agencies and organizations the ability to exert market forces over energy purchases, resulting in lower costs and greater reliability.

Purchase may be made through best price alone for an individual entity or through energy aggregation of multiple entities.

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