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Digital Imaging and Archiving

Enhance file organization and office productivity with digital archiving services, available through an awarded contract partner with Choice Partners.

With Choice Partners’ contract partner, quality digital archiving services are available for schools, cities, counties or non-profit agencies. Archiving services enhance file and record systems by maintaining a digital copy of all documents, which can be easily found by keyword with a simple search application. With quality archiving services, documents are scanned into a single file in Adobe PDF format, conforming to AIA standards, and organized according to the CSI format with an expandable indexed file structure. The single file will be bookmarked at the minimum by division and section level. Both large and small files will be scanned at a resolution that allows readable prints, as well as zoom features, while avoiding excessive file size. Projects digitally organized through archiving services are double-checked, ensuring quality of digital copies regarding light and clarity, and thoroughness, scanning every page.

Documents prepared by digital archiving services will be compatible with any operating systems supported by Adobe Reader software. Archiving services will allow for all documents to be printable, as well as accessible from any computer, with no additional cost. All documents in the file created by the archiving services can be copied onto a CD/DVD, laptop, PC, or server at no additional charge. Five copies created by archiving services will be delivered to the owner containing the archived documents. The disk and case of a multi-disk set will be properly labeled, including the Archive Date. Labels will not be adhesive, as adhesive labels can damage reader mechanisms. Additionally, the company responsible for providing the archiving services, in order to provide offsite storage protection, will retain one copy of the digital file.

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