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Applied Technology Lab

Technology Laboratories provide computer learning, giving students hands-on experience.

Technology Labs and Computer Learning Centers offer a learning program and environment that allows students to learn traditional material while also gaining valuable hands-on experience. Offering more than computer laboratory, technology laboratories provide integrated software technology and curriculum that allows students to take part in unique computer learning experiences. Computer learning centers supply computer lab furniture, software and hardware, supplemental materials, environment libraries, internet resources and digital documents for students to get hands-on computer experience. Applied technology laboratories are designed for students to collaborate and work together. Focusing on teamwork, many technology lab programs offer group presentations to teach students how to cooperate and work as a unit.

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Using this type of integrated technology lab provides students with the opportunity to develop as problem solvers and critical thinkers. Computer learning centers give students project experience that requires applied technical practice through core-based curriculum. The integrated technology learning program and technology laboratory environment provides learners with practical hands-on opportunities to build skills in the principles of technology, math, science, language, art, history, civics, economics, and social studies.

Applied technology laboratories provide customizable computer learning for students. Changes can be made available depending on class sizes and needs. Choice Partners offers a legal contract to access a variety of computer learning technologies, including SmartLab provided by Creative Learning Systems. SmartLab focuses on teaching students application of technology to workflow, project management, research skills, media literacy and a myriad of other communication skills that can help them outside the classroom.

This turn-key technology laboratory offers mobility and ease with design set up. Technology lab furnishings and equipment must have a design capability to be redeployed and reconfigured by facilitators to extend or concentrate computer learning program offerings, and in these new combinations readily support a greater array of learning opportunities.

Engage your students through Applied Technology Laboratories; access services using a cooperative purchasing contract with Choice Partners.

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