Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR requirements!

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Nutrient Analysis Software

When it comes to food these days, there is no shortage of nutritional data, but

information on its own does nobody any good. It is only with analysis and application that healthy meals are planned, executed and consumed, and to perform and record accurate analysis, many meal-planning officials need the latest in nutritional analysis software.

Choice Partners purchasing cooperative can bring you the competitively awarded nutritional analysis software contract your school, college, university or other governmental entity needs to plan healthy meals that meet new and revised regulations. Contracts with Choice Partners also meet all government procurement law.

Our vendors stay up-to-date on the latest regulations to assist customers with legal and healthy menu planning. They also offer cloud computing software solutions that make planning meals hassle-free and mobile. Easy-to-use features include:

·         Web based software service

·         Easy set up

·         Drag & drop

·         Meal planner template

·         Monthly meal planner

·         Easy access to data

·         Integrated menu production

·         Diet analysis

·         Customizable reports

·         First class support

Become a member today at no cost and be on your way to planning healthy meals with plenty of nutritional value.  

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