Choice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200 requirements!

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Crowd Control Equipment

Mind your P’s and queues with a Choice Partners contract for crowd control equipment.

Any time a large number of people gather together, whether for sports, entertainment, fundraising or another big event, crowd control systems are needed to make sure that safety and comforts are maintained. Choice Partners has the crowd control equipment contracts that schools, colleges, universities and other nonprofit entities need to keep lines moving and patrons happy.

Choice Partners is a purchasing cooperative that only works with vendors who maintain a high level of customer service, in addition to quality products. Our vendors bring decades of crowd control experience to the table, offering a variety of solutions that include:

  • Stanchions and Wall Mounts
  • Posts
  • Ropes
  • Post Storage Carts
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Signs
  • Sign Posts
  • Safety Barriers
  • Cone Mounts
  • Arrival/Departure Boards
  • Gate Boards
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Information/Directory Boards
  • Sign Holders
  • Logo Carpets
  • Floor Mats

Don’t let your nonprofit or governmental entity host an event that devolves into chaos. Get the right crowd control equipment today with a Choice Partners government contract that meets all procurement law. 

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