Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. We also meet all cooperative requirements of the EDGAR/Uniform Guidance/2 CFR 200!  

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Computers, Hardware, Technology Devices, Maintenance, and Related Services

Because schools and other governmental entities work hard to keep up with the increasing demands of the digital age, it’s important that contracts are designed to keep operations running well with few additional costs. Choice Partners purchasing cooperative has the computer, hardware, technology device contracts that can help increase the speed, efficiency and security of any network, large or small.

Our vendors stay up-to-date in this quickly changing field so they can help you find the best hardware for your systems. With a Choice Partners contract customized to meet your needs, you gain access to various types of computer and technology products, including:

  • Hardware & Solutions – i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Chromebooks, Notebooks, Tablets
  • Cellular/Mobile Devices – i.e., cellular phones, smart watches, and the like
  • Data Center Products – i.e. Hard Drives, DVDs, CDs, NAS, SAN, Tape Data Storage Products
  • Electronics – i.e. Digital Cameras, GPS, 2-Way Radios, MP3 Players, TVs, DVDs, Earphones
  • Input Devices – i.e. Mice, Keyboards
  • Memory – i.e. Flash, Ram, Rom, USB
  • Mobile Digital Video Recording Systems and Accessories
  • Monitors and Projectors – i.e. Whiteboards, Projectors, Monitors
  • Multimedia – i.e. Speakers, Sound Cards, AV Equipment, Screens, Displays
  • Networking Products – i.e. Switches, Hubs, Routers, Modems
  • Power, Cooling, and Racks – i.e. Battery Backups, Surge
  • Printers, Scanners, and Print Supplies – i.e. Digital Imaging, 3D Printer, Toner
  • Security Solutions & Equipment – i.e. Appliances, Hardware, Cameras
  • Servers and Server Management – i.e. Monitoring & Security, KVM Switches
  • Technology Accessories – i.e., laptop bags, technology protection equipment, etc.
  • WiFi Equipment and Solutions – i.e. Mifi, Access Points, Controllers
  • Maintenance services/packages on technology products
  • Warranty services/packages on technology products
  • Repair services/packages on technology products
  • Installation services/packages on technology products

Our vendors have experience working with a variety of high-demand clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions, and they are committed to enhancing your productivity through technology. 

Available Contracts

Vendors Contract Numbers HUB MWBE SBE
23/036SG-01 - - -
23/036SG-02 - - -
23/036SG-03 - - -
23/036SG-04 - Yes Yes
23/036SG-05 - - -
23/036SG-06 Yes Yes Yes
23/036SG-07 - - -
23/036SG-08 - - Yes
23/036SG-09 - - -
23/036SG-10 Yes Yes -

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