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Buckling up with flexible CareDrivers

Posted on July 25, 2022

HopSkipDrive is a leader in innovative, safe and scalable school transportation solutions. Using a proprietary platform, RideIQ, the company optimizes transportation plans and operations while staying one step ahead of new transportation technologies including electrification.


The partners of HopSkipDrive have a deep appreciation for the safe, cost-effective and efficient school transportation solution that enables visibility and transparency for ride organizers and caregivers through innovative technology.


Every HopSkipDrive CareDriver has passed background and vehicle safety checks, has a minimum of five years of caregiving experience and goes through a 15-point certification process before accessing the platform. The flexible, dynamic CareDriver network can be readily scaled up or down to meet school demand.


HopSkipDrive holds a firm belief that “safety is everything,” and have industry-leading safety practices in place. Albert Samora, executive director of transportation for Denver Public Schools, said his organization heavily relies on HopSkipDrive services to aid with bus driver shortage.

“HopSkipDrive has been a necessary and invaluable school transportation partner to Denver Public Schools,” he said. “Bus driver shortages have been challenging to our transportation department, but HopSkipDrive's introduction of a flexible driver supply and easy-to-use technology has helped us free up assets and optimize our transportation.”


Miriam Ravkin, senior vice president of marketing, underlines the importance of Choice Partners (CP) co-op procurement process as it greatly reduces the time needed for members to access awarded contracts, where time is key in gathering new drivers.


“The Choice Partners co-op offers a shortened procurement process for our potential customers with members able to bypass a three-to-six-month RFP process,” she said. “This is especially important with the current state of transportation, where districts often need to supplement their fleets quickly (due to COVID, bus driver shortages and more) with third-party vendors like HopSkipDrive.”

HopSkipDrive currently services CP members from Washington, Colorado and Texas, expecting that number to rise for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. For more information about HopSkipDrive, go to You may also contact Jared Clark at 949-520-0846 or

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