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2015-2016 Supply Contracts Active

Posted on March 31, 2015

Get best-value, hard bid pricing on 1,300 items

It’s not unusual for trustees to talk about awarding contracts to the lowest bidder, but a rock-bottom price seldom comes with the quality hoped for. Anyone who has ever attempted to close a lowest-priced three-ring binder knows the frustration when those three rings don’t meet. Lowest-bid prices are only good when a specified standard or quality is assured.

For the last decade Harris County Department of Education has secured hard-bid pricing for more than 1,300 competitively bid line items, which are available to any school district through HCDE’s Choice Partners cooperative. These items meet the quality specified by purchasing professionals who served on a committee to assist in the request and evaluation of the bids. Categories include supplies for art, athletics, classroom teaching, fine paper, food service, health and medical, office, janitorial and technology. Contract pricing is effective from April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016.

Examples of best-value supply items include watercolor marker sets, desk top delivery paper, food-related items, janitorial plastic bags, alkaline rechargeable batteries and more.

Marker Sets, Watercolor
Pyramid School Products provides broad-tip, washable, watercolor markers, perfect for budding artists and creative students alike. Priced at $1.45 per 8-piece set, these versatile supply items can be used to draw lines and shapes precisely, like a marker, or to color in large swaths of paper uniformly, like watercolors. Marker Set

A classic example of when the lowest bid without a standard quality results in a product that even young children recognize as inferior, crayons need to be durable, colorful and safe. They also need to be made by manufacturers that understand art supplies. Standard Stationery Supply Company provides large, 4-inch crayons that come in 8-packs of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black—all the colors necessary for inspired art projects. More importantly, the crayons conform to the ASTM #D4236 safety standards, meaning that they are ready to be used by children. (Adults can use them, too.) The crayons are priced low at $.59 per pack.

Desk Top Delivery Paper
For schools in need of a steady stream of printing and copying supplies, Bosworth Papers provides 20 lb., 8.5 x 11 in., white, dual-purpose paper for desk top delivery. At $27.64 per case, this premium paper arrives ready to be fed directly into desk top publishing process.

Mop BucketMop Bucket with Sidepress Wringer 
Once in a while, it’s time to replace the old mop bucket with a more capable and durable mop bucket with wringer and sidepress from Buckeye Cleaning. At $38.18 per item, these buckets help janitors expedite the floor-cleaning process, wringing out excess mop water that can cause harmful slips.

Plastic Bags
When bought too cheaply, janitorial supplies can be highly inconvenient and possibly hazardous. But when a specified standard of quality has been ensured, Calico Industries delivers gusseted, 100% linear, low-density .48 mil. polyethylene bags. Used for garbage or other purposes, these medium brown or black bags have been tested for a dry weight performance standard of 30 lbs. They are shipped 250 per case, which is priced affordably at $8.94.

When medical gloves are needed, they may be needed in large quantities. For ease of use and guaranteed safety, NAO Global Supply provides disposable, non-sterile, powder-free latex gloves that cannot be marked “non-medical.” At $4.12, they come 100 per box.

As with crayons, it’s easy to tell when a box of pencils has been procured at the lowest possible bid. The lead breaks, the wood splinters, and the eraser smudges. Pyramid School Products does not deal in bottom-dollar pencils. Instead, it provides good-quality, hexagon-shape, wood case with eraser No. 2 yellow pencils. A dozen of these pre-sharpened writing utensils costs $1.46 per box.

AA BatteryAlkaline-Rechargeable Batteries
With increasingly more processes becoming digitalized, no office or school can afford to run out of batteries. Standard Stationery Supply Co. provides size AAA alkaline-rechargeable batteries, conveniently packaged in fours. Each package costs only $.93.

BSN Sports keeps the ball rolling with 30-game, 15-player basketball scorebooks at $3.18 each. Scorekeeper not included.

Flatware, Disposable Plastic
Keeping hungry picnickers from gnawing at their fingers, Wallace Packaging provides disposable, plastic, white, medium-weight spoons packaged 1000 per case. At $6.71 per case, these spoons make eating ice cream even more enjoyable. Spoon

2015-2016 Supply CatalogStill not sure Choice Partners has the supplies you’re looking for? We have more than 1,300 items. Download your own copy of the supply catalog contracts at  Become a member so you can use this best value pricing!

Harris County Department of Education

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